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PDF Scaffolder

Bring structure to PDF files

Since PDFs are unstructured by design?, they’re notoriously difficult for machine analysis. Scaffolder ‘understands’ the layout of the PDF - enabling data mining, analytics and more.
Scaffolder was created with scalability and performance in mind. It can be scaled to hundreds of servers and millions of files.

Core Features

  • Determines the areas that are: paragraphs, columns, vector graphics (graphs, diagrams...), tables, footnotes, etc; i.e. identifies the visual ‘blocks’ of content that are apparent to a human.
Snapshots – vector graphics
  • Allows automatic snapshots of the areas.
Language independent
  • Uses computer vision.
  • Works for any left-to-right alphabet.
  • The core software can easily be adapted:
    • want to add interactivity to your PDFs?
    • want all the graph titles?
    • want all the tables?
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Core Applications

Better content extraction
  • Mining text or data
  • Image extraction
  • Table extraction
  • Sentiment analysis
Building a better search engine
  • Selecting best text for indexing
Converting to HTML
  • Allowing easy reading on Smartphones
  • Collecting reader analytics for your publishing or distribution business
Add convenience tools
  • For emailing sections of PDFs
  • For copying graphs & diagrams
  • For annotating with text & graphics

Scaffolder utilizes sophisticated computer vision to “understand”
processed files.

View samples of scaffolded PDFs:

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PDF Mobiler

Read PDFs easily on a small screen

Mobiler converts your PDF files to responsive HTML which can be comfortably viewed on a small screen using any web browser.

Mobiler relies on our sophisticated PDF processing engine – suitable for all professional documents. Our conversion to flowable HTML is unique. Don’t take our word for it - give it a try!

View samples of processed PDFs:

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Table Xtractorβeta

Convert PDF tables to Excel or csv format

Zanran's Xtractorβeta finds the tables in your PDFs and converts them to Excel

View samples of extracted tables:

Convert your PDF

see: Review of
cloud-based extractors

Table extraction can also be performed at large scale for mining data, building a data-search engine and other applications.

PDF Enhancer

Add value to your PDFs - automatically

PDF Enhancer adds a layer of software tools to your PDF – helping your readers
Here is how it works:
  • As you mouse hover over an enhanced PDF, relevant content is being highlighted
  • Click on the chosen item to view a contextual menu
  • The menu options make it easy to
    • Extract tables to Excel or CSV
    • Copy graphs, diagrams and tables
    • Email to colleagues
    • Annotate
    • Copy text

View samples of enhanced PDFs:

Try PDF Enhancer:

About Us

We are a small techie team with an unfairly large number of PhDs between us. We’re based in Islington, north London, UK.

Our expertise is in building complex computer-vision software for PDFs.

Zanran’s first product is its data-search engine (
The PDF Scaffolder™ has been developed out of this technology.

Zanran is privately held by its two founders and three angel investors.

Get in Touch

Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm

Zanran Ltd.
26 Danbury Street,
London, N1 8JU, UK.
Regd in England no: 6,022,009